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Interior Design

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We are The Self Contractor

Self Contractor offer a outstanding service & work directly with our clients to ensure that projects are delivered to the extreme standard, on time and on budget.


Interior Design

Self Contractor has continually focused on maintaining customer relations and building on our philosophy of working together with our clients to produce a competitive and effective package delivery, with a high quality approach.Our project diversity and commitment to quality has allowed us to exceed client needs and expectations.

We accept our responsibility for our employees and other persons who may be affected by our activities. Our services include general contracting, construction management, design build and pre-construction services. For 95 years, we’ve served the construction industry with the same reliable, ethical, award winning service that has made us most trusted contractor.



We don’t work for one person… we work together as a team as a roof family.



Our goal is simply to be the best and to continually improve our work with high quality.



We are professionals committed to saving our clients money through cost-effective solutions.



We are accountable to our Customers, Company, Teammates, Subcontractors and Suppliers.



It’s what our Customers expect from us and what our Associates expect from their leadership.



Implementation of our Safety Policy requires total commitment from all levels of employees.



Our associates are part of the decision-making process. Team involvement is necessary.



The end result of our efforts and stability must be a satisfied Customer with in budget.

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